Fractions Part 2

Your homework this week is to look at the picture of our number line and write down at least ONE observation about what you notice in the number line.  What do you notice about equivalent fractions? Can you see a pattern?



Visualising Fractions

Today in Maths we created a huge number line so that we could visualise what equivalent fractions looked like.

We started by sorting the fraction cards into  closest to zero, half and whole.

IMG_0048  IMG_0050 IMG_0052

After that, we all took turns to be the ‘official gluer’ and stick the cards on the number line in order.  We had to make sure we measured correctly so that the lines were evenly spaced.

IMG_0053 IMG_0054







We learnt a lot about equivalent fractions and simplifying numbers, as well as dividing evenly into parts.

This will definitely help with our fractions work!!