Book V Movie

Now that we have read Matilda the book and watched Matilda the movie, it’s time to make a decision.  Which do YOU think is better?

Comment below which you think is a better version, with supporting evidence of why.

matilda book

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LEGO World! – Week 6 Homework

Look at the image below – these are all photos taken from our excursion to the Lego Education Centre.

After looking at these images, write a sentence describing something that you learnt yesterday. How will these new skills or this new knowledge help you with your Design project?

Lego Excursion




These are the 3D shapes that I know…

We have been learning about 3D shapes in maths this week.

We have been very busy constructing nets and using tooth picks to make skeletons of 3D shapes.

We even made some dodecahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedron!!

“What are they?” we hear you ask.


A dodechaedron is a 3D shape that has 12 faces, 20 vertices and 30 edges.

An octahedron is a 3D shape that has 8 faces, 6 vertices and 12 edges.

An icosahedron is a 3D shape that has 20 faces all shaped like triangles, 12 vertices and 30 edges.

Check out our shapes below!

3D shapes

And here are the nets we turned into shapes – can you see the dodecahedron?


And finally – this is our new favourite song about 3D shapes. We know all the words and beg Miss M to play it all the time.



English Homework Week 5

Miss Trunchbull believes that children should be seen and not heard.

Using your best persuasive techniques, write a comment of one paragraph stating whether you agree or disagree.  Remember to use supporting evidence.

the trunchbull

image taken from https://media.timeout.com/images/103163776/image.jpg


Busy Bees!

WOW!! What a BUSY week we have had in 4M!

Last week we have been on an AMAZING excursion into the city to see a theatre and an interactive movie exhibit.

We have also made Mother’s Day cards for our BEAUTIFUL mums, we love them to pieces!

Finally, we had someone come to speak to us about dioramas to help us with our Inquiry project, which we are all SUPER excited about.

Check out some of the photos below and make a comment as to why some words are in capitals and some are not!

Week 4