2018 T1 Overview

Dear Year 5 & 6 Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to the start of what will be a fantastic year. We hope you had a happy and very blessed holiday and enjoyed special time as a family. We are back in full swing and  starting with rehearsals for our upcoming School Production ‘The Amazing Adventures of SuperSam’ and we are sure that you have heard many children rehearsing and practising lines during the holidays.

We thank you for booking in appointments with your homeroom teacher to complete formal Literacy and Mathematics testing. These will be finalised during class times and the data collected will be used to inform our planning so that we can best tailor our teaching so that your child can continue to flourish in their learning this year.

We would like to introduce some new students to 5/6 learning community:

Shenaya (Grade 5) in 5/6L Alexander (Grade 6) in 5/6I

Sophia (Grade 5)  in 5/6M

8th Feb Information Night 5th March Division Swimming
9th Feb Opening School Mass 7th March Parent-teacher-student conference
14th Feb Ash Wednesday 13th March Year 6, Aspire Higher Leadership Day
17th Feb Commissioning Mass 16th March EMR Swimming
21st Feb District Swimming 21st -23rd March Year 5/6 Leadership Camp, Dromana
23rd Feb Welcome Drinks 29th March Last Day Term 2

Appointments with the teacher

Should you wish to speak to your child’s home group teacher we invite you to email us directly to arrange a suitable time to meet and discuss any concerns you may have.  As we are sure you understand, learning time is sacred and our absolute priority, and at these times our attention is dedicated to the students


This year Mr Izzard will  continue in his leadership position.  Mr Izzard is the Digital Leader and as a part of his role  he will attend leadership meetings from 9am to 9:30am every Wednesday and will be released on a Thursday from 11:30 am until 3:30pm. During this time Mrs Gridley will be in the classroom to replace him.

This term, due to the school musical Miss Mackinnon will be released on Wednesday and Friday to prepare students for the performance. On a Wednesday she will be replaced by Miss Birrell and on a Friday the students will be split between the other two classes in the community.    

Specialist Classes

Students will participate in specialist  Physical Education, Italian, STEM and Visual Arts lessons this year.  

5/6L 5/6M 5/6I
Tuesday: STEM, Italian

Wednesday: Sport, Art

Tuesday: Sport, Art

Wednesday: Italian, STEM

Tuesday: Italian, STEM

Wednesday: Art, Sport

5/6M – Sports Uniform to be worn Tuesdays and Fridays

5/6I & 5/6L – Sports Uniform to be worn Wednesdays and Fridays


This year, the teachers at OLGC will continue to use blogs to engage students, share learning and achievements and  to create a way of communicating with families. By interacting with their teacher’s blogs, and beginning to work on their own private blogs, students will be developing skills in participating in online environments, communicating ideas and collaborating with others.  Also, the blogs will provide an authentic medium to discuss digital safety and creating a positive digital footprint. Developing these skills as well as instilling an awareness of the responsibilities of being a digital citizen will be crucial for preparing students for their future.

Blog Addresses:

Miss Sophie Mackinnon: http://missmsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au

Mrs Stacey Lumsden:  http://missriddifordsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au/

Mr Izzard: http://mrizzardsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au/

Morning Prayer – Meditation

Between 8.55-9am each morning all Grade 5/6 students participate in silent meditation prayer.  We ask that people travelling through the corridor at this time do so in silence and that there are no interruptions during this time.

Homework Expectations

In Grade 5/6 it is expected that all students complete Reading and Mathematics homework. Homework is due every

Monday morning to your child’s home group teacher.


Students are to read five times per week for at least twenty minutes.  The diary is to be used to record reading and parents are asked to sign off on their diary entries. At times this will involve reading a set text from the teacher. We will monitor and sign the student’s diary every Monday.

The following must be recorded:

  • Title of the book (or abbreviation)
  • Author
  • Pages read
  • A response to the text (this will be specified on the blog)

Writing or Viewing:

In addition to the students reading homework, they will also be allocated an additional task which will focus on consolidating the writing genre in focus or responding to a selected viewing.  


In Term 1, students will be working with their homeroom teacher. Homework will be assigned to help students develop arithmetic fluency or consolidate concepts introduced during class.


If you are uncertain of your child’s homework requirements, please visit the appropriate teacher’s blog Homework page to view the allocated homework for the week.


Consequences for failing to complete homework:

If your child fails to finish their homework without communication from a parent or guardian the following consequences will occur:

  1. Students will be asked to complete by next day. If it is not completed contact with the parents will be made and students will need to finish it during their recess or lunch.


BYOD Program 2018

This year students are expected to bring their own ipads as part of the schools new BYOD policy. Please make sure you have signed the agreement provided in 2017 and returned it to your child’s classroom teacher and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Dominic Izzard.


Year 5/6 Leadership Camp

Wednesday 21st – 23rd of March

In Term One students will be travelling, by bus to Dromana.

Permission forms, Behaviour Contracts and Medical Forms will be sent home in the coming weeks and their prompt return would be greatly appreciated. This camp is a compulsory school event which aims to foster leadership, independence, resilience, problem solving, confidence and to build rapport amongst students and staff.



In Term One students are required to wear their Summer uniform including their school hat. As per the school’s sunsmart policy, if students fail to bring their hat they will be unable to go outside during recess, lunch or sport. As always, expectations are that all students wear the correct school uniform. If this is not possible, a note needs to be supplied to your child’s home group teacher. Please note that runners are only to be worn on days when students are timetabled to have PE/Sport.


Late Arrival/Absences

As per school policy/legal requirements students arriving after the 8.55am bell are required to enter through reception and be signed in by a parent/carer and must have a reason stipulated, for example appointment, traffic, family, etc. Late arrival reasons are entered onto the roll’s database along with reasons pertaining to school absences.

Just a reminder that class diaries are a great communication tool where student absence notifications can be recorded for the teacher.

Specialist Program


During Term 1, the students will be encouraged to develop their verbal language skills in Italian, by following instruction and being exposed to Italian communication, including ‘Greetings’.The children will learn about an Italian festival called ‘Carnevale’, and continue to explore the Italian culture through their learning. The children will compare similarities and differences between Australian and Italian cultures.


Physical Education:

Term 1 Focus

  • Development of more specialised net/wall motor skills (volleystars, badminton & bat tennis)
  • Application of net/wall skills in games and modified activities
  • Application of game strategies to achieve movement outcomes in games of volleystars, badminton and bat tennis
  • Demonstrating skills to work collaboratively and play fairly
  • Participating positively in teams and negotiating roles and responsibilities


Visual Arts

Term One in the Art Room begins with a great deal of self reflection and contemplation as we develop self portraits that capture the unique essence of our identity. Students will use drawing, colour, and mixed media skills to create artworks that interpret the style and techniques of celebrated artists such as Andy Warhol. Once completed, students will reflect and assess their own work, taking time to consider how their ideas and skills have developed.

Ms Blanch’s Blog



Students will become familiar with the safety expectations of scientists in the STEM room. Together, students will complete experiments that explore the properties of water and mixtures.  This involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations. They will use digital technologies to collect, collaborate, record and display their discoveries.



During English this term students will be immersed in the Narrative writing genre.  Students will be exposed to a variety of narrative texts that will expand their vocabulary and their understanding of literary techniques.  An ongoing focus throughout the year will be to develop their knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling.  During English lessons students will participate in whole group activities, independent tasks and focused teacher groups that target an identified need or provide greater teacher contact in order to learn more challenging concepts.



In Grade 5/6 we will be focusing on the students’ mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.  It is more important that the students are able to explain the reason for their answer and the process involved. In Term 1, students will work in their year level groups, and will be supported with enabling and extending tasks.


Religious Education

This term students will further deepen their relationship with God; connecting to sacred spaces and prayer. They will explore a variety of ways of communicating with God including experiencing a true stillness needed for meditation and prayer. Students will create a class prayer cloth as a reflection of their relationship with God.  To prepare for the Lenten season, students will attend the Ash Wednesday Mass and they will participate in Lenten and Holy Week activities assisting them to understand the importance of these liturgical events.



Inquiry based learning is a process used to learn new content.  This process begins with students being tuned into the subject matter, this is called the Tuning In or Immersion stage.  Following this students have the opportunity to research and organise information, these are the Finding Out and Sorting Out stages.  With this information students negotiate with their teacher how they would like to Action their work.  Throughout this process students reflect on their learning and attend workshops to address the necessary skills needed by students.  The Inquiry focus for Term One is Geography, where students learn about their roles in a global community. Students will learn about the processes and structures needed for communities to live and thrive successfully.