We Can Do It!!

In 4M, we have been learning all about Growth Mindset – thinking positive to help us learn.  We have made a brain to put on our wall to remind us to always keep trying, even if it gets hard.

We would love to put up some positive and motivational quotes to help us keep going – post one of your favourites and we will put it up!


Everything is AWESOME

On Friday the 28th July, all of Year 3 and 4 embarked upon the best excursion of their lives.

Our awesome teachers organised to take us to LegoLand!

We participated in a workshop that taught us all about how gears work and the mathematics behind them.  We will definitely use this learning when we start designing and making our solar cars.

After our workshop, we got to enjoy everything that LegoLand has to offer.  This included building areas, two rides and an interactive 3D map of Melbourne made entirely out of Lego.  We were amazed at this place!

Next, we split into small groups of 5, and with the help of a parent, proceeded to participate in the ‘Chaddy Challenge.’ We had a list of things we needed to find and do around Chadstone shopping centre. This included buying our own lunch in the food court.

It was such an excellent day, and although we were absolutely exhausted by the end, it will definitely go down as the best excursion EVER.

Check out our video below and let us know what you think!!




We have been learning about inferencing in 4M, and we have discovered that a good way to practise our inferencing skills is to use comics.

Look at this Garfield comic…

Why do you think it’s funny and what’s the clue?


Inquiry Homework

For homework, you need to do the following:

  • Complete an experiment that demonstrates how your natural disaster works. This experiment is to be completed at school during our expo.  BUT if it is too messy, you can film it and show this instead.
  • Make a 3D model of your natural disaster (Yes, this can be part of your experiment, but it won’t always be like that, it depends what you are doing).
  • Write an explanation explaining how your experiment relates to your natural disaster.  Use the format:
    • Cause
    • Process
    • Effect




We have had such a busy day in 4M today!  PHEW! We are tired and ready for the weekend.

Our last lesson for the day was about Debugging.

Look confusing? It’s not really!

Can you explain debugging below?


Just One Day

On Monday the 22nd May, the Just One Day team came to our school to educate us about poverty in the world.

We learnt that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

What is one fact that you learnt?

Comment below!



Zone of Confusion

We have been learning about 3D shapes.

Today we were given this problem from a past NAPLAN test.

It had us so confused!

We are interested to hear how you would figure out the answer and PROVE IT!


Unplugged Coding

We have been learning about programming computers, but did you know that you don’t need a computer to learn coding?

On Friday, we wrote directions using symbols to instruct our partner on how to draw a picture.

It was complicated to begin with, but we got there in the end.  We can’t wait to do some more!

Share with us your coding experiences in the classroom – what are some activities that you do?