Just One Day

On Monday the 22nd May, the Just One Day team came to our school to educate us about poverty in the world.

We learnt that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

What is one fact that you learnt?

Comment below!



Zone of Confusion

We have been learning about 3D shapes.

Today we were given this problem from a past NAPLAN test.

It had us so confused!

We are interested to hear how you would figure out the answer and PROVE IT!


Unplugged Coding

We have been learning about programming computers, but did you know that you don’t need a computer to learn coding?

On Friday, we wrote directions using symbols to instruct our partner on how to draw a picture.

It was complicated to begin with, but we got there in the end.  We can’t wait to do some more!

Share with us your coding experiences in the classroom – what are some activities that you do?


Descriptive Writing in 4M

Mr Twit is a disgusting, ugly old man. He is as dirty as a pig, smelly as a skunk. Mr Twit’s beard smells so bad, that people’s noses fall off when they are near him.

Mr Twit can’t even go to a restaurant, that’s how ugly and disgusting he is. He horrifies all the children in the town.


Guide Dogs

As part of Inquiry this term, we have been learning about services to the community.  Guide Dogs Victoria provide a very important service to the community, as we learnt about yesterday.

What did you learn about the importance of Guide Dogs?



Descriptive Writing

Good writers use description to build imagery in their writing to make stories interesting.

We used the below image to jointly construct a descriptive paragraph.

My t-shirt was soaking wet, my ankles were itching because my socks were soggy.  I was cosy and protected until the rain started pelting down on me. It was very humid, so the ground was steaming and I felt sticky and miserable.  As I could hear the rain bucketing down noisily and the thunder screaming through the sky, I felt trapped under my now heavy umbrella.

Write a sentence to describe the picture, using as much description as possible.  Remember to use the 5 senses!!


What’s My Number?

We can represent quantities in different ways.

We had so much fun in maths today playing What’s My Number.  Everyone had a different number stuck on their back and had to ask yes/no questions until they found out what their number was.

The only catch was, all our numbers weren’t shown using digits, they were shown in other ways, like base ten and expanded notation!

Once we had all figured out our numbers, we had to order ourselves from smallest to largest without speaking!

We were successful, and now know that we can represent quantities in different ways.



Welcome to 4M, 2017!!

We have had a wonderful start to the year, in particular learning all about gratitude.

Gratitude is being thankful for what we have.  It is an attitude for learning, loving and being.  Appreciate the little things that happen around you and within you every day, and you will have a positive mindset.

Today we were asked to think about things that we were grateful for.  Specific things like seeing the sun in the morning, or sharing a smile with someone at school.

We would LOVE to know the things that you are grateful for, share them with us below!!



Stewardship and Sustainability

Did you know that 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year? Just one quarter of this wasted food could feed the 795 million undernourished people around the world who suffer from hunger.

It is our responsibility to look after God’s creation and make sure it’s there for the future generations.

We have been working hard to research global issues about sustainability.

Check out our padlet to see our hard work!

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